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  Ministry of health mobile hospital 2020

Iraq Ministry of health mobile hospital 2018

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Every product requires a unique design and relevant calculations. We put our customers’ request in top priority and to fulfill this task we have an active R&D department working relatively with our Engineering department in order to gain optimum costumer satisfactory and profit to our company.


The stricter our customers be, the more elegant our production becomes. Thanks to our brilliant costumers and our experience production team, we have a chance to be the pioneer mobile hospital producer in middle east.


As a developing company, we are proud of investing in finest machines and technology, a key factor distinguishes us from our rivals. Using high-tech methods in production saves energy and costs, hence, our methods of production are highly flexible.

Test and inspection

We use both NDT and Destructive methods to test our products considering safety factors.

Combining these two methods allows us to push production risk to minimum.

Final inspection

In the last stage, all of our products inspect and test by their checklist which includes dimension, mechanism, colour checks.

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