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207 Manchester Field Hospital given Freedom of the Borough by Bury Council

A TERRITORIAL Army field hospital has been handed a special award for training medical professionals in Bury.

207 Manchester Field Hospital given Freedom of the Borough by Bury Council
AWARD: Honorary Colonel Tony Redmond, Colonel Nick Medway, and Colonel Phil Harrison

The 207 Manchester Field Hospital was given the highest possible accolade from Bury Council – the title of Freedom of the Borough.

207 Field Hospital is one of 11 regional army reserve field hospitals in the British Army, with centers in Bury, Manchester, Stockport, and Chorley.

The award was given for the hospital’s support of national security requirements as well as their “hard work and dedication” to recruit and train medical professionals and other volunteers from Bury.

Bury Council said: “The title is being bestowed in recognition of the service given to support medical professionals and other volunteers from the borough of Bury to British military operations in times of conflict or humanitarian need.

“It is also being given in recognition of the strong links forged with local businesses and the local community to provide developmental opportunities and community-based activities.”

207 Field Hospital is part of the Army Medical Services Reserve, with headquarter in Stretford.

The army hospital recruits individuals from the health sector who can provide healthcare to soldiers and civilians.

Bury-based Corporal Maxine Simpson, a nurse, and Corporal David Sykes, a radiographer, were both deployed to Afghanistan in winter 2010 to care for injured soldiers.

The two members of the 207 Manchester Field Hospital were based at the hospital on the British military base, Camp Bastion, and spent their days treating soldiers seriously injured in the battlefield.

Corporal Simpson’s name appears on an honors board at Castle Armoury in Bury alongside the names of every Bury Army Reserve soldier who has fought abroad since 2000.

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