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65-bed Mobile Modular Hospital

Perhaps our project is one of the biggest mobile modular hospitals in the world that can carry, set up and ready to provide services in a short time. This hospital can provide most standard and professional medical services in remote and deprived areas in crisis conditions or war zones.

Saba Palaye has designed and performed small scale of this project in different places of the world, but now we showcase our ability in instructing of a modular hospital to a great size.

Designing of this Mobile Hospital has been taken several months, and Saba Palaye applied all its efforts because of the standard, and Specialized Medical Services can be available even in remote and deprived areas. Therefore, we are ready to design and perform these projects all over the world.

The mobile modular 65- bed hospital organized from 27 trailers and has 65 patient beds, nine surgery the beds, the full medical imaging section, emergency area, and trauma and also the other standard parts of a hospital, also, it equipped to 40 resting beds and other utilities for doctors and staffs.

Our purpose is providing the medical servicing possibility for everyone, everywhere in every condition.

65-bed mobile hospital

E11.1: Surgery section’s locker room

C4.1: Staff’s personal entrance (Urgent exit ramp)

MB: Morgue

RD: Radiography

US: Sonography
E1. Decontamination, Triage , Reception area (5 Beds)
E2. Emergency ward section (12 Beds)
E3. VIP Ward section ,ICU , Laboratory and Pharmacy (2Bed)
E4. 1st ward section (11 Beds)
E5. ICU and 2nd ward section (11 Beds)
E6. Medical imaging area
E7. Emergency treatment and trauma (11 Beds)
E8. Emergency surgery (2 Beds)
E9. 1st surgery facility (1 Bed)
E10. 2nd surgery facility (2 Beds)
E11. Recovery, CSR and Surgery section’s locker room (4 Beds)
E12. 3rd surgery facility (2 Beds)
E13. Emergency surgery, recovery and Anesthesia area (5 Beds)

1. E9,E10,E12 and E13 are ETA type
2. C5.1 connector’s length is 5.6m and C5.2 is 3m long
3. Other connectors and 1.4m long

C1. 1st Corridor
C2. 2nd Corridor
C3. 3rd Corridor
C4. Staff’s corridor
C5. Surgery corridor

U1. Management and bedroom with 4 beds
U2. Water treatment unit and restroom
U3. Storage
U4. 1st staff’s bedrooms (4 VIP beds and 12 ordinary beds )
U5. 2nd staff’s bedrooms (4 VIP beds and 12 ordinary beds )
U6. Cooking area (Kitchen & bread cooking)
U7. Laundry and morgue
U8. Power supply unit
U9. Commander unit and bedroom with 4 beds


Unit’s common utilities:

1. Providing cabinet, shelves, foldable desks, and equipment fixing devices, bin, clock, mirror, clothed, dressed in suitable form and size in required units
2. Providing foldable desks for all units and providing patient desks and shelves for all patient beds
3. Equipping all units with powder and CO2 fire extinguishers
4. Providing warm and cold water for all units except for units U8 and E6
5. Providing hand washing sinks for all units which have CSR ward and all scrub-sinks of surgery rooms has been considered in related corridor (No.2 and 5)
6. Units with sink have been equipped with mirror, liquid pump soap hand wash, tissue and bin
7. Providing positive pressure by blowing filtered air (using HEPA filter) in all surgery and ICU rooms
8. Connecting ramp has been considered for all units
9. For units, E1 and E13, ramp and Patient lifting system and for all other units stairs has been considered
10. Water and waste water, power supply, LAN, central phone inputs and outputs and paging system has been provided for all units equally
11. width of all bran card passing gate is about 110cm, width of all person passing gate is about 90cm and all restrooms doors width are about 80cm
12. The width of all patient’s beds is about 70cm and the gap between beds is about 70cm. space between beds and walls is about 20cm
13. All doors that they connect to outdoor, have clear PVC curtains
14. Due to unit’s application, ability to install medical utilities exists
15. All medical structure walls (E1~E13) are made from XPS, and GRP sheets and all non-medical walls (U1~U9) and corridors (C1~C5) are made from Aluzinc Polyurethane panels
16. Required furniture including shelves, desks, chairs, mirrors and so on has been considered according to necessity of each unit
17. Necessary facilities to transfer wastewater from surgery rooms to absorption wells has been provided
18. Railway to hung serum on each bed’s floor has been provided
19. At the end of all surgery rooms (backside of Tech rooms wall) maximum space has been considered for storage if there be any suitable space
20. Electric mosquito extinguisher
1. air curtain for entrances
21. There are satellite system for wherever TV has been installed
22. There are guiding panels on top of each unit’s door in English with Arabic transcript

mobile modular hospital 2

Drawings of Biggest Mobile Hospital