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This unit can be designed and manufactured in different sizes and models. It can be located in expandable trailers or normal trailer box. 2 or 3 dental unit can be fixed in standard trailer box but in the expandable model 6 dental units can be placed.


This surgery room contains a CSR room, ICU and Recovery area with four beds, nurse station, a surgery table and a standard surgical light. And also there is enough space in the surgery room even for major surgeries.


This unit contains 6 emergency beds and 2 beds for vital emergency surgeries, pharmacy, blood bank and a radiology (X-Ray) area. 


This system is able to give surgery services in emergency and crisis conditions such as war or natural disasters. This unit has 3 drop-down boxes that one of them changes to the surgery room, the second changes to recovery and ICU section and the third one changes to the laboratory.

mobile dental trailer 10

Exclusive trailers and qualified persons are ready to design and develop military command trailer,  mobile command post, and mobile office to fit your needs.


This device helps to lift up and down the wheelchair and stretcher. So it is easy for a patient or injured persons to ride or dump the Medical trailer in different conditions. 

military portable air conditioner 3

The heavy duty portable cooling and heating unit for army air conditioning is made especially for the use of military organizations and relief agencies.