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Expandable Auto-Lift Container

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Expandable Mobile Container With self-lifting System

Expandable mobile surgery container with the self-lifting system for the truck has been designed and produced from 2014. This system is able to give surgery services in emergency and crisis conditions such as war or natural disasters. This unit has 3 drop-down boxes that one of them changes to the surgery room, the second changes to recovery and ICU section and the third one changes to the laboratory.

In fact, this is a compact surgery facility and includes an operating table, a surgical light, two recovery and ICU beds, scrub sink, technical area, laboratory and medical gas system  (with two oxygen and one n2o tank, an Oil-less Compressor Systems, and Medical Suction unit).

Technical Room

In the technical room, there are hydraulic power pack, electrical panel, air compressor, Medical Suction Unit and heating and cooling system.
Main expandable boxes open and close automatically. The third box (laboratory) is also able of opening and closing manually.

System Size

The length of the system is about 5 meters and the width is about 6.5 meters when it’s open. We can design and make your customized sizes.

System Power

It is possible to open boxes manually or with car battery, when normal power supply system is not available, and Also this Mobile surgery room equipped with self-lifting system, that can lift itself by 8 hydraulic jacks up to 180 centimeters, as well as, it can load or unload itself from truck without the crane.

The Floor of the Room

The Floor of the surgery room is covered by anti-static and conductive floorings and the walls are made by Hygienic GRP and XPS panels which its surface is so smooth and easy to clean.


Users can fix and use medical monitors, anesthesia machine, and other devices.

The surgery unit includes several cabinets for keeping the medical and necessary equipment.

As well as, there are wastewater and water tanks, the heater for scrub sink and laboratory separately. As the used materials and components quality increase system’s life, Saba Palaye guarantees the system up to 3 years.

Saba’s purpose is giving medical services for everyone in everywhere and every condition.

Inside View of Mobile Container


Drawings of Auto-Lift Container

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