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Mobile Emergency Trailer

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Mobile Emergency Vehicle - Double Expandable

This model of the mobile emergency room is an expandable trailer with four opening boxes and is designed for crisis and emergency conditions.

This unit contains 6 emergency beds and 2 beds for vital emergency surgeries, pharmacy, blood bank and a radiology (X-Ray) area. There are several racks, dressers, cabinets and a folding table next to the each bed. Hydraulic systems are designed such as it can work also in sub-zero temperatures.


Water supplying system includes a scrub sink, water heater, water filtering system and water and waste water tanks are also available in this unit too.
Mobile Emergency Facility is equipped a cooling and heating (Heat Pump ) system, air conditioning systems capacity is 60000BTU (or 120000BTU optionally) and also split cooler system (3*24000BTU/H) is available for cheaper models too
And also it includes a Hepa Filter, 80% Media Filter and Metal pre-filter for filtering the Supplied air (depending on the customer).
The system of medical gasses is equipped two oxygen and one N2O tank, a central Medical suction, and an oil-less air compressor. All of Medical Gases and Compressed air and Vacuum outlets are available in surgery and the emergency area too.

System Size

This system includes four expandable boxes in the lengths about 5- 7 meters. The total area of the system reaches about 81 square meters.
The length of the trailer is 13.6 meters and the widths of it are about 7 meters when the boxes are open.

System Power

The system has a 6kVA real time UPS for important medical Devices.
Two small Electric generators (totally 18kVA) is placed in the boxes under the trailer chassis which can supply system easily when electricity network is not available. Electrical panels and hydraulic power pack are fixed in the technical room.

Floor of the room

The Floor of the emergency room covered by anti-static and conductive floorings and the walls are made by Hygienic GRP and XPS panels which its surface is so smooth and easy to clean.


The boxes are opened and closed automatically by the hydraulic system. For convenient entry and exit of stretchers, there is a 10-meter ramp with parasol, step and also stretchers lifting systems is considered in our mobile medical systems too.

Saba Palaye can design and produce this system in different sizes and applications, depending on your suggestion.

Inside View of Emergency Trailer


Drawings of Emergency Vehicle

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