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Military air conditioning system and tent air conditioner

The Saba Palaye heavy duty portable cooling and heating unit for miliitary tent air conditioner is made especially for the use of military organizations and relief agencies, and it is also suitable for crisis condition applications such as war, earthquake, etc.

All the cases need equipment that works uninterrupted over long periods of maximum load under severe weather conditions.

Six Advantages of Saba portable cooling and heating units:

  • Comfortable work and stay
  • The weather for the staff makes it a good break and revitalization in the shortest possible time.
  • The cool environment for electronic equipment, so that failures and other operations disorders should be avoided.
  • Reliable and virtually free maintenance.
  • Easy to navigate, adjust and work.
  • Development in close cooperation with Armed Forces of Several valid standards

Technical Specification for Tent air conditioner

cooling Operating range


+20 to +60

Heating Operating range


-32 to +20

Airflow capacity, with hoses, evaporator fan



Airflow, condenser fan



Cooling capacity @ 50°C outdoor and 35° indoor



Heating capacity optional


6 to 16

Power supply

3×400 V/ 50 Hz

Max.current in cooling (in heating)


16 / (26A) h Heating

current in stat up (decrease with soft starter)



Generator requirement


Min 30

Refrigerant / quantity


R 134a / 11

Hose connection



Noise level, 3m distance, measured in shelter



Weight (without accessories)


About 225

PMC60 and PMN 60 Military air conditioning system

Military air conditioning system (army tent air conditioner unit)  is a portable and movable model designed and produced for mobile or temporary structures such as tents, field hospitals or mobile hospitals. The structure of this air conditioner is military grade and made from a high strength solid steel frame with a relatively small weight and is easily removable.

The system is developed to be installed and used outdoors; it has two air ducts, one for hot or cold air for the shelter supplying and the other for return air.

For medical shelter heating or cooling unit, air filtration is available, and the possibility of installing  HEPA and primary filter is easy.

PMN60 and PMC60 tent air conditioner units have two separate part named condenser area and evaporator area.

Condenser area: capacitor area includes two Condenser coils, scroll compressor, a powerful condenser axial fan, and some protection switches or relays.

Evaporator area: evaporator area includes n an evaporator coil, filter box (for HEPA and primary filter installing), a radial or backward evaporator fan, electric control panel, some protection switches or relays and two duct coupling.

In PMN60 model both, evaporator area and condenser area are fixed together, and PMN60 installs outdoor and cold or warm air is supplied shelter via a 400 mm hose or flexible duct.

PMC60 model is developed for CBRNe shelter (or NBC tent).

In PMC60 model evaporator and condenser, sections are different units, and they can install separately.

In CBRNe application, we don’t want to have any air pollution penetration inside the shelter, so we don’t have to put any large duct in tents walls. In this situation, PMC60 can help us quickly.

PMC60 condenser section can be installed out of shelter and also the evaporator section can be installed inside the shelter too, and both  sections will connect via two thin tubes or hose and two flat cables (all those or wires diameter will be less than 20mm)

PMC60 model evaporator fan can cool or heat the air inside of the shelter directly.

For heating operation, both PMN60 and PMC60 equipped to 15 kW electric Heater. An electric heater can be increased 26 kW optionally too.

General Specification:

  • PMN60 and PMC60 (without rear wheel)  are designed   to carry or store 24 of these systems in a 20-foot container
  • PMN60 and PMC60  have a solid steel body and the inner body covered by an insulator layer. The body sheet is made of galvanized steel and is covered by a powder
  • The cooling system can be used at temperatures above 20 ° C. This system can continue to operate until the ambient temperature reaches 60 ° C. At temperatures below 20 ° C, the heating system can be used.
  • The PMN 60 and PMC 60 are equipped with a compressor with high performance and stability at high temperatures as well as low noise.
  • Automatic 3 phase sequence control, phase monitoring relay and low voltage control system.
  • Refrigerant: R134a Ozone and environment-friendly
  • High pressure and low-pressure protection (HP/LP prostate) for compressor protection
  • TURN ON/OFF switch ability by thermostat (that place in the shelter)
  • Hepa and primary filtration installing ability optionally
  • Suitable for transporting (forklift  handling, carry with hand) and as well as rear wheel available optionally
  • Possibility down on air cargo pallets and stackable (two unit of cargo pallet)
  • 400 mm hose for supply and return air with installation layer optionally

Main parts of a tent air conditioner

  1. Evaporator fan
  2. Evaporator Coil
  3. Electric panel and control
  4. Condenser air entrance
  5. Condenser air exit
  6. Return shelter air or fresh air
  7. Cooled or heated air to shelter
  8. Hepa and primary filter
  9. 400 mm duct coupling

Other ACCESSORIES for tent air conditioner

  • Shelter temp Remote control thermostat with 15 m cable and cooling/heating selector switch
  • 400mm flexible hose, 3 m length with Insulated layer,   and storing cover
  • 400mm  flexible hose, 5 m length without  Insulated layer,   and storing cover
  • hose for Air distribution   Ø400 mm x 6 m
  • Hepa  and primary filter  filter