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WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. — Earlier this year, the Windsong Radiology Group introduced its mobile mammography unit.

Mobile Mammography reducing barriers to breast cancer screening

Hundreds of women have already taken advantage of the service and bus that travels to all eight counties in Western New York.

Dr. Markus Holzhauer is the medical director of the program that was funded by a million dollar state grant.

“We are visiting all eight counties who traditionally might have been disconnected through the health system, they might not have insurance, they might live in pockets,” said Holzhauer. “Even downtown where they might have barriers to go to the hospital or the other brick and mortar screenings places and they receive that as a good opportunity.”

Holzhauer says the on-the-go care will aid in saving more lives and reducing costs for patients in the long-term.

“The whole purpose of that is to find breast cancer early because the cure rate is so high,” he said.

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