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Don’t be amazed. Threats are lurking. Trust the engineers of SP mobile hospital, medical, and office trailer.

If you want to make sure you prepare for unexpected events in your work environment making sure to connect with experienced will be the first step in your organization’s success.

An office trailer is a mobile structure used as a temporary space to fulfill your commercial needs. Similar to mobile hospitals and other modular structures, it is designed and custom-made according to the customer then delivered to the needed location. Also, local manufacturers usually keep a number of commonly sized office trailer in inventory for quick needs.

Exclusive trailers and qualified persons are ready to design and develop military command trailer,  mobile command post, and mobile office trailer to fit your needs. For many years, SP has been designed and manufactured first trailers (which is our specialty) and help to different industries,  government and  NGOs organizations, that require in crisis management solution.

As well as businessmen and commercial companies mostly need mobile exhibitions, mobile marketing or a mobile office for project management. They need a portable solution to provide their own business’s services or for management. All mobile offices or command posts will be Customized and manufactured for you. To do this, we will pair one expert person with your company. He can recognize your needs and help us to prepare a suitable proposal. Pre-design must be responsive to your needs and, of course, design and construction also must be feasible and economical.

Our technical office is so experienced in this industry, so  We expect the final product to be ultimately efficient, comfortable, attractive, and durable. Up to present,  We have manufactured many mobile command vehicles, and mobile offices for different companies and organizations including oil and gas industries, medical centers and hospitals, military and army forces, environmental and animal protection groups. We can make your ideal mobile command post,   command center vehicle, and mobile office trailer. We enjoy to design and create exclusive trailers to make a difference in giving services in remote places or severe conditions.

In fact, we’re passionate about it! We also love working on unique and challenging projects. We’ve yet to turn a request down and never plan to do so. Even if you need technical assistance, or advising,  our staff can work with your technical department to consider your necessary future requirements. We can improvise your necessary wiring for computer and telecommunications systems too.