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ClientUrmia General Hospital
Duration2 months

Project Description

The Urmia auto-lifting surgery container has been made for helping as better to patients. we have this honor to improvement health in the international community at these years. The Urmia surgical container has made in small size which has complete medical facilities.


Powerful Jacks

The powerful jacks are for the lifting system. without any touching, the container by the jacks lifting up then sits on the truck. It can lift itself by 8 hydraulic jacks up to 180 centimeters, as well as, it can load or unload itself from the truck without the crane.

Technical Room

In the technical room, there are hydraulic power pack, electrical panel, air compressor, Medical Suction Unit and heating and cooling system.

System Size

The length of the system is about 5 meters and the width is about 6.5 meters when it’s open. We can design and make your customized sizes.

System Power

It is possible to open boxes manually or with car battery, when normal power supply system is not available, and Also this surgery room equipped with self-lifting system


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As well as, there are wastewater and water tanks, the heater for scrub sink and laboratory separately. As the used materials and components quality increase system’s life, Saba Palaye guarantees the system up to 3 years.

Saba’s purpose is giving medical services for everyone in everywhere and every condition.