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Quality Control Department

If we consider a company as a human body, Q.C department is his eyes. This department is corelative with both Engineering and Production departments. Some of this department’s duties are:

  1. Conduct Product Tests and Assessment

The main duty of a quality control department is testing and assessing products, usually in an industrial or warehouse setting. The quality control department may test parts or products using a variety of techniques, checking that specifications are met and that the product works as intended. In a food production setting, a quality control department may be tasked with testing products and packaging in a lab or on the production floor to ensure consistency.

2.Identify Product Defects

A quality control department is ultimately responsible for identifying product defects or potential issues and determining what to do to resolve the issue. This may mean sending the product back through certain stages of the manufacturing process or pulling a product entirely if it does not meet expected standards of quality. The quality control specialist analyzes the results of lab or usability tests to identify these defects and make sure they do not persist.

3.Record and Report Issues

The quality control department also keeps detailed records of product defects or manufacturing issues as they test and assess products. These detailed records can help identify and eliminate recurring problems and also provide a paper trail to aid in accountability and error reporting. The quality control department may provide these reports to supervisors or plant managers to help them make decisions about manufacturing processes and practices.

4.Support Process Improvements

Quality control department is also responsible for supporting process improvements throughout the testing and quality assurance processes. If several products arrive with a similar defect, for example, the quality control specialists might make a suggestion to improve a specific part of the manufacturing process. This helps ensure that products are produced consistently and that defects or other errors will not persist throughout the manufacturing process.