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Research and Development Department

This department is well known as an inventory site in many companies but by linking this department with our Engineering department and Production department we managed to achieve great prosperities to our company. Some of this department’s duties are:

1.Product research

The research and development department performs product research after a product or service proposal. This may include conducting a series of tests, surveys and other research. The purpose of the research is to find what makes the product useful, the specifications of how the team should build it, the best methods of marketing it and the product’s predicted success.

2.Product development

Product development uses the data and research to design and create a product using specifications that make it most useful. For example, a company is developing a new mobile phone. The research and development team may seek to understand what size the phone should be to sit comfortably in users’ hands, where they should place buttons for easy access, how it might fit in users’ pockets and how big the screen should be for comfortable viewing.

Using these specifications, the product development team often conceives many designs for the product and may create several prototypes for testing.

3.Product updates

The research and development team also tests and analyzes current products in order to discover ways of improving them for comfort and usability. This may include more tests and surveys to learn what customers think about the product, followed by testing new designs that implement the proposed solutions.

4.Quality control

R&D often includes a phase of testing to ensure the quality of the product. Since the research and development team understands the intended specification standards of each product, they can ensure the product meets or exceeds those standards. This may include testing the products themselves or conducting research using the product’s target user base for feedback. R&D uses their findings to help improve the product design before finalizing it for production.