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Tests performed for 260 patients in mobile hospital of Kurdistan university of medical science.

Tests have been performed for 260 injured, in the mobile hospital of University of medical science of Kurdistan.

Tests performed for 260 patients in mobile hospital pf Kurdistan university of medical science.

Kermanshah- IRNA-

Lab manager of the 50-bed mobile hospital, University of medical science of Kurdistan, deployed in Sar-Pol-e-Zahab, stating that currently, the hospital is operational in lab and radiology sections, announced that since the last month’s earthquake, 850 tests have been performed in the lab, for 260 patients.

Almas Jamshidi, in an interview with the reporter of IRNA on Friday, also mentioned: also in this period of time, 216 patients have benefited from the radiology section, with 432 cases of imaging and radiology performed.

Reporting the hospital has been deployed in the field the day after the earthquake, he noted: “a number of radiology devices and related equipment have been recovered from the destroyed hospital of Sar-Pol-e-Zahab; while the rest have been provided by the University of Kurdistan”.

Lab manager of the hospital emphasized that this mobile facility provides all the testing and imaging needs of the supported area.

Mr. Jamshidi appreciated the efforts and supports from the Kurdistan university of medical science in servicing the earthquake affected people. He continued: “This organization is the first university in the country to be deployed in the region”.

7.3 Richter earthquake of Sunday afternoon, damaged 7 counties and over 1950 villages of this provenance, including total or partial destruction of over 31 thousand buildings.

Casualties of this earthquake have reached 436 dead and 10 thousand and 203 injured.

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