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What is the mobile hospital?


The mobile hospital could be moved to any part of the world even remote and hard to reach areas in crisis conditions such as war or earthquake by truck, trailer, train, plane or ship providing medical attentions to those in need.

Expandable trailers as a thoughtful design can also be customized to different applications such as medical servicing, administrative services, broadcasting, education, government, event marketing, emergency response, office, hospitality, kitchen and food services or temporary command units.


The installation is that first to input when we meet disaster, including operations room, waiting area, consultation room, summary surger. This medical office is preventing to disaster and cure patient, satellite health care institution that support to herb medical treatment of next step.

This is a herb medical of 2-level, and added to X-ray room, examining room, waiting for the area, emergency area, operating room first to level satellite building that already existed, and it’s bigger herb medical or doing general hospital role.


This is an additional 2-level herb medical, also including morgue, inquest area, waiting area, inpatient area. Owing to space is mobilized, it’s possible to organic space re-arrange according to situations.


Catastrophe caused serious harm, so we need restoration of long-distance, this 1-level satellite medical office is added to herb medical of 2-level, as like a general hospital. Also these global herb medical is main healthcare of network and control with another satellite herb medical.

: Disease Teaching / Operations Room, Waiting Area, Consultation Room, Summary Surgery, X-ray Room, Examining Room, Emergency Area, Operating Room, Inquest Area, Morgue, Inpatient Area

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