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Portable Hydraulic Stretcher and Wheelchair Lift

Introduction to wheelchair lift:

A wheelchair lift is a machine designed to transport vertically, wheelchair or other similar platforms along with its occupant; To enter/exit a vehicle, building, etc by overcoming a stair or similar vertical barrier.

Wheelchair lift can be installed on public or private vehicles, buildings, and facilities to provide accessibility and comfort for people with special conditions.

This device helps to lift up and down the wheelchair and stretcher. So it is easy for a patient or injured persons to ride or dump the Medical trailer in different conditions. (even in  military or crisis condition), as well as Mobile Wheelchair lift provides a means of independent mobility for the disabled or old man (or old women), injured person or patent on wheelchairs.


wheelchair lifts

Mobile wheelchair lift / Mobile Stretcher Lift Specifications:

  • locking gas cylinder technology to provide adjustable height
  • The capability of lifting up to 200 kg
  • Rises from 40cm to 170cm
  • Table surface area 200cm x 80cm
  • Electric lifts drive (single phase)
  • Its main structure is of steel
  • Safety features such as toe guards and braked wheels help to prevent accidents
  • Weight: 187 kg.

Extra Items:

  • The rear handle for easier handling is available optionally
  • Battery and UPS operation is available optionally
  • Top table plate available in ALU or Stainless steel optionally
  • Main construction available in aluminum ( ALU ) optionally

stretcher lifts

As public buildings such as offices, recreational buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, religious centers, community centers, shopping malls, airports and train stations have made special provisions for the secure movement of disabled wheelchair users. The arrangements include smooth and unrestricted movement for the wheelchairs from doors, stages, vertical platforms, and stairs. In buildings where elevators are not required or cannot be installed, handicapped accessible wheelchair lifts can be mounted for vertical accessibility of the wheelchair users.

Saba Palaye develops it for Medical Trailer, Field Hospital and Double Expandable Trailer for a different situation such as military and army use.